Choosing Art for Your Holiday Home: Elevate Your Space with Personalised Aesthetics

When it comes to creating a welcoming and captivating ambiance in your holiday home, few elements are as powerful as art. Artwork has the unique ability to infuse spaces with personality, style, and emotion, making your retreat not just a place to stay, but a haven for inspiration and relaxation. If you’re decorating a cosy & stunning countryside cottage, selecting the right art pieces can transform your surroundings into a visual symphony. At Brunton House and Cottages we hope that we have created a place that epitomizes the fusion of art with holiday living.

Reflecting Your Style

Art is an expression of your personality and taste, and your holiday home should be a reflection of those qualities. As you embark on the journey of choosing art for your retreat, consider the style you want to convey. Do you lean towards modern minimalism, classic elegance, or perhaps a vibrant bohemian atmosphere? The art you select should harmonize with the existing décor and architecture while contributing to the overall theme you’re aiming for. At Brunton House and Cottages, the curated collection of art pieces mirrors the traditional charm and contemporary comforts that define our spaces, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an ambiance that resonates with personal style.

Size Matters

In the context of a holiday home, we often put many small, varied pictures on one wall, using it as a gallery space so that each artwork can be examined individually, but as a whole jigsaw it gives the room some character and is more unusual.  On occasion there is a large picture on a large wall on a staircase or hallway, but we do not follow the obvious rule, here at Brunton House and Cottages! Art can help define the mood of each room. The art pieces at Brunton House and Cottages are carefully chosen to enhance the sense of space in their distinct cottages, ensuring that the atmosphere is cosy yet expansive.

Local Flavour & Global Allure

When selecting art for your holiday home, think about the destination’s local culture and heritage. Incorporating artwork by local artists can establish a deeper connection to the place and create a sense of authenticity. Additionally, including art inspired by the destination’s natural beauty or landmarks can resonate with visitors on a meaningful level. This is something that we feel we have mastered at Brunton House and Cottages, as our collection often features art inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Northumberland, offering guests a chance to appreciate both local artistry and the surrounding environment.

Emotion and Impact

Art has the ability to evoke emotions and tell stories. When choosing art for your holiday home, prioritise pieces that resonate with you on a personal level. Art should elicit a feeling or response, whether it’s a sense of calmness, excitement, or nostalgia. Every artwork you choose should contribute to the overall emotional impact of the space, creating an environment where you and your guests can unwind and rejuvenate.

Selecting art for your holiday home is a deliberate and creative process that involves a deep understanding of your style, the space, and the emotions you want to evoke. The art you choose becomes an integral part of your space’s identity, adding layers of depth and character that elevate your retreat from a mere dwelling to a sanctuary of self-expression. At Brunton House and Cottages, we try to exemplify the fusion of art and interior design, showing that a well-curated collection can enhance the entire experience of a holiday, turning it into a harmonious blend of aesthetics and relaxation. So, whether you’re gazing at our organic fields and the Aberdeen Angus cattle, shaking sand out of your shoes from the beautiful beaches or listening to the river running past the windows, let art be the bridge that connects your holiday home to your heart and soul.

So, with these points in mind, we are going to take you through some of our favourite artists, whose amazing work all appears in our beautiful cottages.

Trina Dalziel Website: Instagram: @trinadalziel

Trina is a wonderfully talented artist who lives very close by, in the village next door. We have framed and hung about 10 of her amazing pictures around our properties.

Trina said: “Brunton House and Cottages, holiday homes across the fields from where we live, recently converted a granary into a four-bedroom house and it has been exquisitely decorated by Lucia who came to my home to choose several paintings for the rooms. I’m thrilled to have my work hanging in such a beautiful place and love the idea that it will be viewed by different people each week.”

Kate Philp Website: Instagram: @ kate_philp_art

Kate beautifully brings together familiar local scenes, which are timeless and gorgeous.

Lizzie McCorquodale Website: Instagram: @ lizziemccorquodalepaintings

Lizzie is a brilliant artist, who perfectly captures the Northumberland Sea and Sky. We have several of her large canvases hanging in various properties at Brunton.

Nikky d’Aguilar Website: Instagram: @ nikkydaguilarart

We have purchased several exquisite foraged seaweed pressings from Nikky, which have all been collected from our beautiful local beach at Low Newton.